5. http://www.riderdestinations.com/caineville-swingarm-city/

    Dirt bike area near hanksville UT.  this stuff is really fun to ride on. (but not with an adventure bike)

  8. Green River Utah

  9. Flowers in the scanner

  10. one of my favorite pics from the trip to Utah.  my first attempt to photograph the milky way, SE michigan is too light polluted to even try near home.

    30 seconds @ 2.8 ISO 6400  I figured out over 30 seconds and the stars move too much and look blurry.  so I just left the exposure at 30 and plates with the iso.

    I used a 16 mm canon 2.8 fisheye they quit making in the 90’s.  If you own a canon and want to buy a fisheye, get this one on EBAY.

  11. swearnet:

    We fucking declare Friday 5 September INTERNATIONAL TRAILER PARK BOYS DAY - the complete 8th season premieres on NETFLIX WORLDWIDE!!

    And if you subscribe to www.swearnet.com we’ve got a special treat coming for you… stay tuned!

    (via pricklylegs)

  12. Southwest Detroit Hospital, this morning


  13. Southwest Detroit Hospital, this morning

  14. Southwest Detroit Hospital