1. Potash Factory Moab Utah

  2. Green River Utah.

    Out side is beat to hell, but it looks like it just closed inside.

  3. I was just at arches and decided since I’ve been to the park more times then I can remember, this time I would see it at night instead.  Spent 2 nights in the park taking pics of the milky way.

  4. Somewhere near Lake Powell about 100 yards off the road 30 miles from anything.

  5. Arches National park

    A car drove by and lit up the rock fins.

    6D 15 mm fisheye lens

  6. Arches National Park

    My first tries at taking photos of the night sky

  7. Factory Butte, Hanksville UT  last week at the top,

    20 years ago at the bottom

  8. The hotel from the shining.  Very anti-climatic.  sits on the edge of a city, looks very different in person.

  9. Temple of the Sun and Moon Capitol reef national Park

  10. Cathedral Valley road, through part of capitol Reef Nat Park

  11. http://www.lakesideamusementpark.com/

    Went to this 100 year old amusement park while I was in Denver last week..  The Wild Chipmunk roller coaster scared the crap out of me.

  12. Arches National Park

  13. Near “Chicken Corners” 20 miles west of Moab

  14. Potash Road, near Canyonlands Nat Park Utah.

    HP2 Enduro